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Are you a student?

Do you intend to join University anytime soon?

You are not sure whether you qualify for a program at any univesity,

You need to know which University offers a particular program of your interest?

You need to know what subject combinations are for a particular program,

You need to know what the previous years' cut-off/minimum entry points were,

You need to enhance your career with short courses through other institutions,

Look no further!


This platform enables students/individuals looking forward to joining universities to be able to compute their points and compare with University minimum entry points prior to making any choices for any program.  The system contains information about Universities, university programs, minimum entry points, number of years per program, weight grading formula for the East African Universities and includes tertiary institutions for those who want to advance their careers from relevant institutions in East Africa.

By using this portal, you are able to determine whether you meet the minimum points/requirements for a chosen program, whether on government or private sponsorship, before applying to university. This helps any student to avoid applying for university programs for which s/he does not meet the required points, hence increasing your chances to joining any university.